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Behind the scenes of the third Democratic debate

06/29/07 10:48PM

(From Kelly Haddad, Hardball intern)It was the 3rd Democratic presidential debate, the All-American Presidential Forums at Howard University.  Clinton, Biden, Richardson, Edwards, Obama, Kucinich, Gravel, and Dodd were all there.  The introduction of the journalist panel looked little like a criminal lineup between the dark lighting and their frozen faces. But from the media-filing center we could see the debate audience trying to hold on to their Tavis Smiley books and get ready for all the action. read more

Hardball Plaza: Provocative, unedited and hot in every way

06/29/07 10:36PM

Christopher Hitchens and the Rev. Al Sharpton were in the Plaza hot seats on Thursday (video).  Before the shows, Ann Coulter and Al Sharpton stayed inside to keep cool in anticipation of the heat they would face outside, while Hitchens was busy with a last-minute podcast at Johnny’s restaurant in the Plaza. read more

Vide08: A holiday treat from the guys at Jib Jab

06/29/07 06:54PM

UPDATE: We had to bump this segment for breaking news, but we hope you enjoy this amusing video anyway.  Be sure to check back next week for more must-see Vide08!On Hardball, we're bringing you the hottest, most talked-about videos from the 2008 campaign. Tonight, as we roll into the July fourth holiday next week, we thought we'd have a little fun. Here's a holiday treat from the guys at Jib Jab. read more

Ann Coulter calls 'Hardball' appearance a 'mistake'

06/29/07 05:23PM

Ann Coulter wrote about her Tuesday 'Hardball' appearance in her latest column. "The Edwards campaign is apparently still running low on donations, so this week they went back to their top fundraiser: me.""I think I may have tuned out at some point, so I can only speak to the first 45 minutes of Elizabeth Edwards' harangue, but it mostly consisted of utterly dishonest renditions of things I had said on my "Good Morning America" interview this week and a column I wrote four years ago. read more

Both Coulter and Edwards win by fighting

06/28/07 02:41AM

by David Shuster, Hardball correspondentIt was dramatic, confrontational, and the newest chapter in a bitter political feud that began four years ago. In November 2003, Ann Coulter wrote a column attacking John Edwards  and accusing him of using his son’s death for political gain.  Coulter wrote: “If you want points for not using your son’s death politically, don’t you have to take down all those ‘Ask me about my son’s death in a horrific car accident’ bumper stickers?” The shocking comments ignited a political fire storm.   read more

Edwards: 'Coulter's crazy'

06/28/07 12:30AM

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro, as posted on First ReadA day after his wife Elizabeth called in to msnbc’s “Hardball” to confront conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards made his own appearance on the show.Click here for video.  read more

Vide08: New ads from Edwards, Obama and the Dems

06/27/07 06:30PM

Every day, Hardball’s Vide08 will deliver the hottest, most debated, most talked-about videos from the 2008 campaign.  It could be a new YouTube clip, a killer campaign ad, an unscripted moment on the trail, or a lethal bite from a speech.Today we have three new campaign ads -- one that the Edwards campaign is running in New from the Obama campaign in Iowa, and finally, Paul Newman’s fundraising pitch for the Democrats. read more

Michael Moore defends 'Sicko'

06/20/07 09:12PM

Today, my producer Jen Yuille and I managed to corner Michael Moore in a Capitol Hill hearing room and interview him about “Sicko." (video)  The movie argues for taking the “for profit” side of health care completely out of it while giving health insurance to every American.Moore was wearing his trade sartorial combination:  tennis shoes, suit pants, untucked shirt, and a jacket.  But, it was a bit surprising to see him without a baseball cap.  Every time I’ve seen him before, starting with his film “Roger and Me” or “Fahrenheit 9-11,” he wears a baseball cap.In any case, we started by asking read more

Matthews: Recap of presidential candidates at AFSCME forum

06/19/07 09:11PM

Congressman Dennis Kucinich:  “We need a president who can defend our country, but also who knows when war is wrong and is ready to say so when it counts, not four years later, not five years later, who doesn’t say, ‘Look, I’m against war but I’d vote to fund the war,’ but stands for peace.” “It’s predicated on the Congress telling the president no more funds for the war. read more

Score one for Clinton in prove-you're-savvy primary

06/19/07 05:33PM

(From Jeremy Bronson, Hardball supervising producer)Score one for Hillary Clinton in the highly-competitive prove-you're-savvy primary.  Today the Clinton campaign announced the much-anticipated results of its online campaign song competition.  The winner? Celine Dion’s “You and I.”  Hope you like it because you’ll be hearing it over and over and over again in the coming months, if the polls are any indication.  (The other finalists included “Rock This Country!” by Shania Twain, Smashmouth’s version of “I’m a Believer.,” K.T. read more

Pocketbook issues move AFSCME crowd

06/19/07 05:06PM

(From Chip Reid, NBC correspondent)Iraq may be the number one issue for Democratic activists, and yes, it was an important issue today at the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) forum moderated by Hardball’s Chris Matthews.   But for this union crowd, old-fashioned pocketbook issues and questions about economic fairness got at least as much attention—and a more explosive response.  Some Examples: Hillary Clinton’s first big applause line came after she (predictably) professed her support for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers read more

What you didn't see at the AFSCME

06/19/07 04:17PM

our newest NBC/WSJ poll) landed the loudest welcome from the audience. Event officials told us that a large piece of the crowd was made up of AFSCME members from New York, but that didn’t mean all the applause and flashbulbs were for Clinton alone. Edwards and Obama both received raucous ovations when they hit the stage. One sidebar: there was a noticeable difference between the security presence for Clinton and Obama. During Clinton’s time, we saw one or two Secret Service members on each side of the stage. read more

Chuck Todd's thoughts on the forum

06/19/07 03:07PM

From NBC's Chuck ToddMy friends at Hardball ask me to keep tabs on the AFSCME forum and share my extraneous thoughts as these folks were speaking. Here you go -- random thoughts from the morning so far. First off, what a great show. Forums are usually a bore but this one was fun to watch and Chris kept it moving. These candidates tried hard not to make news, but they certainly fed off the crowd which also kept the energy level up. Overall, it's a forum format other groups (both left and right) ought to copy. This works. Now, for some candidate-by-candidate chatter ... read more