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E.g., 8/25/2016
Trump on Cruz feud: 'He started it!'

Trump on Cruz feud: 'He started it!'

03/28/16 07:14PM

The battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is sounding more like two middle school rivals than presidential candidates. NBC News’ Hallie Jackson and former Bush advisor Al Cardenas discuss the war of the Republican candidates. watch

Kasich on how to succeed at an open...

Kasich on how to succeed at an open convention

03/28/16 07:00PM

The Republican nominee for President will either be Donald Trump, who will win on delegates won in the primaries, or it will be someone else who wins at an open convention. If it comes to it, that someone could well be Ohio Governor John Kasich, who joins Chris Matthews. watch

Are Dems still feeling the Bern?

Are Dems still feeling the Bern?

03/25/16 07:29PM

With just over a week to go before the critical Wisconsin primary, could Bernie Sanders actually topple Hillary Clinton and win the Democratic nomination? Sanders senior advisor Tad Devine and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson have more. watch

ISIS 2nd in command killed in U.S. raid

ISIS 2nd in command killed in U.S. raid

03/25/16 07:17PM

Just days after the attacks in Brussels, Defense Secretary Ash Carter says United States' airstrikes have killed the Islamic State's second in command. The news arrives just as Republicans are ramping up their criticism that President Obama isn't doing enough to defeat the terror network. watch

The Trump/Cruz Twitter war

The Trump/Cruz Twitter war

03/24/16 07:41PM

The ugly fight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continues. Trump is picking on Cruz's wife, Cruz is calling Trump a "sniveling coward" and the feud rages on. Anne Gearan, Heidi Przybyla and Tim Mak make up the Hardball Roundtable. watch

The growing ISIS threat against the West

The growing ISIS threat against the West

03/24/16 07:31PM

How do you track the ISIS trained radicals who are plotting attacks in Europe? And how dire is the threat here at home? MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance and former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry discuss. watch

AFL-CIO working to derail Trump

AFL-CIO working to stop Trump

03/24/16 07:18PM

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are fighting for the next big prize: Wisconsin and the union vote that comes with it. Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, hasn't endorsed and he talks to Chris Matthews about the Democratic tickets as well as the union’s war on Donald Trump. watch

Trump won't rule out nuking ISIS

Donald Trump won't rule out nuking ISIS

03/24/16 07:05PM

Donald Trump says he would not rule out using nuclear weapons to attack ISIS, but is that a dangerous position to take? The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, Republican strategist Matt Schlapp and USA Today’s Susan Page have more. watch

Washington Post on 'Looking for America'

Washington Post on 'Looking for America'

03/23/16 07:48PM

Washington Post journalists David Maraniss and Robert Samuels traveled the country, interviewing scores of American voters as they came to decide which candidate to support. They talk to Chris Matthews. watch


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