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Matthews: Trump has become the GOP 'norm'

04/20/11 05:18PM

Let me finish tonight with the divide that's opening in the Republican Party. On one side of this divide are the men whom George F. Will has dubbed "plausible."  By that he means candidates who could plausibly be nominated and go on to beat the President next November.Mr. read more

Arizona governor vetoes birther, gun bills

Arizona governor vetoes birther, gun bills

04/19/11 08:00PM

State Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Ariz., and msnbc senior political analyst Mark Halerpin explain whether Gov. Jan Brewer finally realized what’s good for the Tea Party might not be good for the GOP or her own state. watch

Matthews: Trump takes campaign to 'higher level'

04/19/11 04:59PM

Let me finish tonight with the question of Donald Trump. What's the man's “exit strategy?” How does he intend to conclude his wild incursion into Republican presidential politics?There are just three possible exits: he quits, he loses, he wins. The first option is the only one he controls himself. Anybody can quit. That only takes one person, whatever the contest.So between now and the Iowa Caucuses, one man decides whether Donald Trump remains a prospective Republican nominee or ceases to remain one. That's Trump himself. read more

Politician vs. poet

Politician vs. poet

04/18/11 08:00PM

Sideshow: Rick Santorum’s new slogan on his campaign site, “Fighting to Make America, America Again,” has some similarities to the 1938 poem by Langston Hughes, “Let America Be America Again.” watch

Is birther talk taking over the GOP?

04/18/11 05:05PM

Let me finish tonight with the defining issue on the American right.The American right is represented in politics and government today by a coalition of the Republican party and the Tea Party movement.  They work together on the general goal of opposing government spending.It's interesting where they disagree.  It is on this extraordinary discussion of whether the president somehow tricked his birth announcement, forged the newspaper accounts, got the state of Hawaii to issue a certificate of live birth and state officials to insist that he was born on the day and in the city, Honolulu, where read more