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'Dismissive hatred' a drag on GOP

03/24/11 05:12PM

Let me finish tonight with why there's little support for the Libya campaign.It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Democrats are generally anti-war.  Nor to understand why so many Republicans are failing to back the president's effort to prevent a bloodbath by Gadhafi.  President Bush said we shouldn't blame Muslims for 9/11. Senator McCain said that President Obama is a good American. These are not the sentiments of the Republican Party today. Forty-six percent of Republicans - just about half - believe President Obama is himself a Muslim... read more

On screen, Elizabeth Taylor was special

03/23/11 04:42PM

Let me finish tonight with Elizabeth Taylor.This is about Hollywood, its legends, as they are called, the power of these icons in our lives, these larger-than-life "stars."There's something about the power of celluloid, appearing on that big screen, on 35 millimeter film, something about really only knowing someone that way.Elizabeth Taylor was in Lassie - along with Roddy MacDowell - back in 1942. She did "National Velvet" the same year.  Look at her in that picture and you can see her already beautiful face.  There's really never been anyone like her, like that.She did my favorite of her mov read more