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Sestak: Penn. voters want 'independent' thinker

10/22/10 09:49AM

In an interview with Hardball’s Chris Matthews, Joe Sestak, the Democratic contender in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, reiterates his belief that challenger Pat Toomey is “too extreme,” and that voters are looking for someone who can “change” a Senate that’s “just not working.” read more

Interview with Jack Conway

10/18/10 06:24PM

Watch Chris Matthews' interview with Kentucky Senate Candidate: In an interview today with Chris Matthews, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway defended a recent campaign ad claiming that his Republican opposition, Dr. Rand Paul, had mocked Christianity in his college years. Conway said that the purpose of the ad was to question Paul’s actions, not his faith. read more

Defense report a 'grim reminder' of Iraq war push

10/15/10 05:20PM

Let me finish tonight with a report from the U.S. Department of Defense. The item didn't get much play in the papers because it was so quietly displayed on the website of the U.S. Central Command. It's an estimate of the number of people killed in the Iraq war. 77,000 is the figure. Interesting number, seven thousand more than the U.S. government said were killed the day we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima. read more

What the Chilean miners can teach midterm voters

10/14/10 05:23PM

Let me finish tonight with a deep observation about mankind. Down 2,000 feet in the ground a group of 33 men not only survived for 69 days but prevailed. What a story of human faith, hope, charity and community. I know that last word drives people on the right crazy. Theirs is the popular notion of every man for himself, grab what you can, screw the masses, cash out of the government, go it alone, the whole cowboy catechism. read more

Hardball Senate Tour - Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania

10/14/10 05:13PM

“HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS” HITS THE COLLEGE CIRCUIT FOR A CLOSER LOOK A KEY SENATE RACES IN KENTUCKY, ILLINOIS, AND PENNSYLVANIA msnbc's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" hits the college circuit once again, as the "Hardball Senate Tour" takes a closer look at the senate races in Kentucky, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. With two weeks left until the mid-term elections, Matthews will interview candidates in three of the most hotly contested races about the economy, jobs, and key local issues. read more

Overseas cash debate hits on 'pulse' of nation

10/13/10 05:20PM

Let me finish tonight by addressing the challenge Bob Schieffer of CBS News issued to the White House this Sunday: "Is that the best you can do? Bob was challenging David Axelrod on the White House charge that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was using money it raises from overseas to finance Republican political campaigns. So why "is" it so darned important to the average voter out there that multi-national corporations, some of them based outside the U.S., have their fingers in this election? How about this? It's the central economic issue of our times. read more

The absurdity of the latest Obama character assassination

10/08/10 05:18PM

Somebody just wrote that Barack Obama is getting his economic policies from his dead African father.The old man was against colonialism. This is why, the author writes, the president acted with President Bush to save the countries financial institutions, why he did the same with the country's auto industry, why he decided to have his health care program carried out by "private" insurance companies but why he doesn't wants the very top income brackets to not get all their tax breaks extended.It's because he's "anti-colonial," this guy writes. read more

Matthews asks: Why overlook Obama's accomplishments?

10/07/10 05:29PM

Let me finish tonight with President Obama and what he's done. I say the following because no one else, including the president, has. It is the hard structure of reality that in the current cacophony so often is overlooked. This president came into office facing the worst economic outlook since the 1930s. He took action, bold action, the action prescribed by the best economic minds - following the best thinking there is in economics "since" the 1930s. read more

Bill Clinton is right, think when you vote

09/30/10 05:28PM

Let me finish tonight with a thought we heard tonight from former President Clinton. It's about the election coming up. It's about the effort by the Republican opposition to make this an up or down election on the economy. If you don't like the current state of the economy, it says again and again, vote against the Democrats. Bill Clinton says an intelligent citizen would look at the balloting with more discernment. He or she would decide which party, which candidates, have the best idea and track record on how to eventually get the economy improved. Isn't that the sane way to vote? read more

Scare off the middle and you lose the country

09/29/10 06:00PM

Let me finish tonight with some numbers. Bill Clinton now has a 53 percent approval from political independents in the U.S. A 16 percent disapproval. 16 percent disapproval from Independents - this for a Democrat at a time the party is under hard assault. There are reasons for this: Clinton is out of the line of fire, for one. He's a reminder if a better economic time, for an important other. read more

Matthews puts tougher spin on Clinton's Obama advice

09/23/10 05:28PM

Let me finish tonight with what President Clinton started with this morning. Actually let me be tougher than him. Let me put it on the line, straight from the shoulder. First of all, get on the same page as the voter. That was the big chunk of advice President Clinton gave his Democratic successor today, start feeling some that pain the people are feeling. Voters are getting killed out there. People who've worked for decades have been laid off. read more

On anniversary, Matthews salutes Peace Corps & Shriver

09/22/10 05:28PM

Let me finish with the fact that today, September 22, is the anniversary - now just one year shy of a half-century - of Congress approving the US Peace Corps. Ask anyone who's volunteered and they'll tell you it was the opportunity of their life - the moment they broke out of their world - into a larger one, when they came face to face - on the other side of the globe - with a very different human experience. read more