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E.g., 10/21/2014
The Donald Trump comedy show

The Donald Trump comedy show

04/29/11 08:00PM

Mother Jones' David Corn and Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum discuss Donald Trump's Thursday night speech in Las Vegas, in which he used coarse language and... watch

British spirit built on a strong foundation

04/29/11 05:23PM

I was taken today, as I think you were, with the patriotism on display.I looked out over that happy crowd and saw people waving those Union Jacks, those beautiful British flags.It was a youthful, healthy crowd out on a beautiful day enjoying a beautiful moment of national resilience, national destiny.The British spirit is built on a strong foundation. They all grow up knowing of their Finest Hour in World War II, when they stood - almost alone - against the worst menace of the 20th century, perhaps of history. We know of the pride they feel in their history and institutions - especially the Mo read more

Lean forward

04/28/11 07:26PM

 Chris is the quintessential D.C. insider. He cares deeply about where this country is headed, and knows where it has been.  From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, Chris speaks from the heart of Washington, D.C. on issues of patriotism and government service.   read more