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09/15/11 04:56PM

Pay-to-Play Politics! Gov. Rick Perry said in  Monday night’s debate that he can’t be bought for $5,000… but can he be bought if the price is right? Will this alleged political corruption be a theme in Perry’s campaign? NBC’s Michael Isikoff investigated Perry’s history of crony capitalism, and he’s reporting live on Hardball tonight, with... read more

Coming up on Hardball...

09/14/11 04:32PM

Trouble in River City! New poll numbers are in, and they don’t bring good news for President Obama. A majority of voters are pessimistic about his jobs plan and the country’s economic recovery. Is less than fourteen months enough time for the White House to turn it around? read more

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09/14/11 08:18AM

A bad omen for the White House: Democrats fail to hold on to the seat once held by Rep. Anthony Weiner. Republican Bob Turner defeated his Democrat David Weprin in a special election in heavily Democratic NY-9 last night. And while Weprin was far from a strong candidate, there's no way the Democratic Party thought they'd lose Weiner&... read more


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