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Matthews: Obama needs to give us 'purpose'

11/04/11 08:00PM

A poll published last year asked people to name the president they would most like to see added to the four now on Mount Rushmore. Whom do we want up there with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and, most of all, Teddy Roosevelt? Most said Kennedy.President Obama promised us a presidency like Kennedy's, a transformative one.  But to win a sec... read more

Ohio governor fumbles

Ohio governor fumbles

11/04/11 08:00PM

Sideshow: Rallying support for a controversial piece of anti-union legislation Gov. John Kasich made a football analogy about former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar that proved to be false. watch

Chris Matthews Celebrates The Release Of "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero"

11/04/11 04:19PM

Best selling author and Hardball host Chris Matthews has done it again with his newest book "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero". On Tuesday, November 2nd, msnbc threw a book release party for Matthews at the beautiful Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. Some notable guests of the soiree were Jerry Stiller, Former Gov. George Pataki, Charlie... read more

Let Me Start...

11/04/11 09:28AM

TheCain Scandal: Herman Cain's still hanging tough in the polls. In the first poll since the Politico broke the story of his alleged sexual harassment in the 1990s, Cain is still statistically even with Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican field. That's according to the new ABC News/Washington Post poll. That's the political... read more


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