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The politics of science

08/22/11 08:00PM

by Hardball guest host Ron Reagan Let me finish tonight with science and the Republican Party. Two out of the three presidential candidates generally considered frontrunners for the Republican Party nomination believe the moon is made of green cheese. Does that cause you concern?You'd think it would. After all, astronauts have been to the moon and have brought back rocks that seem utterly cheese-free. And no giant space mice have been observed nibbling at lunar craters.Ah, but Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman - the frontrunners in question - don't believe NASA ever landed men on the moon. read more

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08/22/11 03:40PM

Khaddafy’s last stand? With news that rebels have seized control of nearly all of Tripoli, all eyes are on Libya and its dictator Moammar Khaddafy. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk joins us from the Tunisia-Libya border with the latest. And Al-Arabiya’s Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melham is here to report on what happens next. Then, the politics of Libya. President Obama met heavy criticism for the U.S.’s role in Libya. Could news of Khaddafy’s likely ouster validate U.S. involvement? msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and U.S. read more

Matthews to Obama: 'Keep it simple'

08/19/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with a simple recommendation for the president: keep it simple.The American people need a leader right now. They need to know what the leader wants of them. What can they do, they want to know, to help get this country moving again?What should we do?Should we push the Congress to spend some money on a jobs program? Should we raise the heat on those who vote against it or refuse to let it even come to a vote? read more

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08/19/11 03:57PM

Giddy up! In just one week, Rick Perry has gone from hemming and hawing over a Presidential bid to galloping to the front of the GOP 2012 field. He’s trampling on the other candidates, including impossible-to-ignore Michele Bachmann, who should have been riding high after her Straw Poll win. But Perry’s leaving them all in the dust. He threw a verbal punch at Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, then blew off Mitt Romney with a kiss (“Send him my love”). Perry’s personality—big as the state he hails from—is shining through. But is it too much for the establishment GOP? read more

Let Me Start...

08/19/11 08:11AM

Happy Friday!That didn't take long. Has Rick Perry already lost his luster? Politico's top story this morning is about how Perry's loose talk worries the Republican establishment. Comments like calling President Obama the biggest threat to the country and saying Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is "treasonous"  are already doing damage, and Perry's been in the race less than a week. read more

A shift in Republican politics

08/18/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this dramatic shift in Republican politics. Three years ago, the party ran John McCain for president.  Next year, it looks like they may well run one of three candidates: Michele Bachman, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry.So the odds increasingly favor the Republican Party shifting starkly rightward. I listen to Rick Perry and I wonder what we're about as a country.He refuses to accept the role that fossil fuels play a role in climate change. He sees creationism as a serious academic subject. read more