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Let Me Start...

08/18/11 08:18AM

President Obama leaves for vacation on Martha's Vineyard today at 3:30 et. He's meeting with his economic and national security teams before he leaves. Will the Vineyard Vacation hurt the president, especially with the economy still in a rut? Seems like every August, every president faces the same question. The optics don't look great, but will anyone remember come election time?  read more

Perry vs. the Bushies

Perry vs. the Bushies

08/17/11 08:00PM

Republican strategist Mark Mackowiak and Politico’s Julie Mason explain why Bush supporters aren’t standing by Gov. Rick Perry. watch

The joy of American democracy

08/16/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with the joy of American democracy.What I love is that the American people - the voter - and we're talking about picking presidents again - is always looking for something greater, grander - someone who can carry us to a higher, more hopeful place.This is how Barack Obama won, how Ronald Reagan won, how Jack Kennedy won. read more