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Let Me Start...

01/09/12 09:26AM

Primary eve in New Hampshire!And looking at tomorrow, the polls show Romney with a commanding lead. The attacks we saw yesterday at NBC's spirited debate on "Meet the Press" may have come too late, as Romney is up not only in New Hampshire but in South Carolina and Florida, too. This could be game, set and match before we know it. read more

Matthews: Republicans do it differently

01/06/12 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this: This test to see who goes up against President Obama is an interesting.  Leave it to the Republicans to do it differently than the Democrats.Democrats pick the guy with the hot hand, the candidate who seems to have something special to say to the American people, the one who seems just right for the times. read more

Report: Economy continues to improve

Report: Economy continues to improve

01/06/12 07:00PM

Will December’s optimistic job numbers effect Mitt Romney’s campaign message that he’s the candidate to fix the economy? Meet the Press moderator David Gregory and USA Today’s Susan Page join Hardball to debate. watch

Chasing Romney

Chasing Romney

01/06/12 07:00PM

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein and MSNBC political analyst Howard Fineman talk about the state of the 2012 GOP presidential candidate race and preview Sunday’s debate in New Hampshire. watch

Gingrich: Romney doesn't have guts to...

Gingrich: Romney doesn't have guts to admit to ads

01/06/12 07:00PM

In an exclusive interview with Chris Matthews, Newt Gingrich takes on the barrage of negative attacks he's faced from the pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, Restore Our Future. New York Magazine's John Heilemann joins Hardball to analyze: Is it just politics... watch

Matthews: 'Progress takes time'

01/05/12 08:00PM

A half century ago, bigotry in this country had a somewhat different face. A large number of Protestant ministers nationwide held a meeting in Washington, DC to stop a certain candidate from winning the presidency. The candidate causing the wildfire of concern was John F. Kennedy. read more

Who is Rick Santorum?

Who is Rick Santorum?

01/05/12 07:00PM

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and Comcast D.C. Bureau Chief Robert Traynham talk about the 2012 GOP presidential candidate’s record. watch


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