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E.g., 11/22/2014

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11/01/11 04:37PM

Herman Cain is trying to bat down the sexual harassment claims that are plaguing his candidacy, but instead, his contradictory statements are adding fuel to the fire. We’ll have the latest on the situation with Politico’s Alex Burns and Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. Next up: The Three Ring Circus! The GOP clown show kicked off with flame-thrower Donald Trump, and look where we are now: Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping over issues, Rick Perry’s trying to walk back a few bad debate performances, and we’re left wondering who’ll be the next ringleader if this scandal kicks Cain off his horse. read more

Matthews: Obama needs to start 'asking'

10/31/11 08:00PM

As a student at Choate in the early 1930s, young Jack Kennedy heard headmaster George St. John recite a favorite maxim: "The youth who loves his alma mater will always ask not 'What can she do for me?' but 'What can I do for her?'"When the time came to call on his country to meet the challenges of the Cold War, those words stuck. "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It was a call to duty.It was a very personal invitation to each and every one of his fellow citizens. He wasn't going to do this alone. The New Frontier was not going to be a solo act. read more

Bringing Jack Kennedy back to life

Bringing Jack Kennedy back to life

10/28/11 11:00PM

Let Me Finish: On a Friday morning in the fall of 1963, an American president traveled through Texas trying figure the state out.What made Dallas so right-wing, he kept asking the two men in the car with him that drizzly Friday morning in November. read more

Coming up on Hardball...

10/28/11 05:04PM

Flipping out! Mitt Romney’s latest flip-flop is on global warming. He’s changed his position on key issues so many times, we have to ask: How can we believe him? We’re asking Salon’s Steve Kornacki and USA Today’s Susan Page. Could Newt Gingrich become the country’s first openly mean president? That’s what msnbc Political Analyst and Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn is asking in light of the former Speaker’s mini-surge in the polls. Is Newt the GOP’s “new thing?” We’ll talk to Corn and msnbc Political Analyst Alex Wagner. Sen. read more

Let Me Start...

10/28/11 09:18AM

Lots of good stuff out there this morning. We'll start with the Republican presidential candidates:David Corn asks whether Newt Gingrich can be the first openly mean president in American history, Rick Perry's getting slammed for floating the idea that he'll avoid debates going forward. How can he beat President Obama if he's too scared to face Mitt Romney? The economy seems to be turning around, with consumer spending up and the GDP growing. read more