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Will Romney be the GOP nominee?

Will Romney be the GOP nominee?

11/23/11 07:00PM

As GOP candidate have risen and fallen in the polls, Mitt Romney has remained steadily near the top but he has been unable to build his support too high. MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe and Politico’s Joe Williams discuss. watch

Coming up on Hardball...Amnesty for Newt?

11/23/11 04:17PM

Here's the question coming out of last night's debate: Will the Republican Party grant Newt amnesty after learning his stance on immigration? The former Speaker ditched the "Send 'em home!" party line in favor of allowing some illegals to stay. Will the Right stand with him--or should he worry about losing his frontrunner status? msnbc's Jonathan Alter and TIME's Michael Scherer join us to discuss. Next up: Mitt Romney's Mormon faith. It's been the subject of scrutiny these past few months and polls show it's an issue for Republican voters. read more

Matthews on Oswald's 'crime of opportunity'

11/22/11 08:00PM

I'm glad we could discuss tonight this new photographic evidence from the Kennedy assassination.I think I understand why people are so open to the possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the president's lone killer. It's hard to imagine such a small person being responsible for the loss of such a beloved, important, big one. We've been taught through years of Shakespeare and lesser dramas to expect a serious villain as the match for our heroes.  Othello had Iago.  Sherlock Holmes had Dr. read more

Coming up on Hardball...The consequences of failure.

11/22/11 04:15PM

The Super Committee's failure to reach an agreement on deficit reduction isn't just another example of Congress's inability to get anything done. This fight has defined the battle lines for 2012. Republicans have vowed to protect tax cuts for the rich. And President Obama has vowed to veto any attempt to undo the automatic cuts that are in place. It's Washington Gridlock at a time when the country can least afford it. Where do we go from here? read more

Let Me Start...

11/22/11 09:16AM

Supercommittee=Super Failure. Congress blew it. But will Democrats now line up behind President Obama's vow to veto any move by the Republicans to undo those automatic cuts -- the price of Supercommittee failure? The President took a stand last night -- he showed real leadership in not letting a do-nothing Congress off the hook. Does he now have a narrative to carry him to re-election?  read more

Remembering JFK

Remembering JFK

11/21/11 07:00PM

Hardball’s Chris Matthews talks about the upcoming anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. watch