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Let Me Start...

10/13/11 09:22AM

The Obama campaign sets its sights on Mitt Romney: Romney looks like the inevitable nominee, and he's largely gotten a pass from his Republican rivals, so Team Obama has decided to start defining him before he can define himself to the general electorate. Read the Politico's story here. Herman Cain is getting the scrutiny that comes with being a frontrunner. read more

GOP lacks robust competition for nomination

10/12/11 08:00PM

I don't think the Republican Party is enjoying a robust competition for its nomination. In a year when you would expect a feisty, combustive all-out battle for the presidential nomination - the chance to go one-on-one with a weakened Democratic president - you would expect to see several serious candidates testing each other's abilities.Instead we've seen a bizarre pattern of one conservative candidate after another put up his head then bow it - Trump, Bachman, Perry, Christie.   The head up now is businessman Herman Cain - but the pattern is clear.  Each rises and fades - each with one main a read more

Let Me Start...

10/12/11 09:26AM

The Republican DebateRomney looks invincible, Perry looks asleep. One interesting note on last night's debate, which focused on the economy, is the hatred reserved for Rep. Barney Frank. Newt Gingrich even said Rep. Frank should be in jail for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill. And Mitt Romney has a record of flip-flopping on the issues. Tonight we'll track the evolution of his thinking on Iraq and Afghanistan.  read more