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Coming up on Hardball... Brave Newt World!

12/01/11 05:20PM

It’s a brave Newt world out there. The 2012 field’s newest frontrunner firing back at his critics, and he’s saying it’s now a Newt versus anti-Newt race. But it seems like he’s having a blast touting his record…including how he led the effort to defeat Communism. Can Newt stay on top or does his campaign risk implosion? msnbc’s Mark Halperin and the Daily Beast’s Mark McKinnon will weigh in. Is there truth to the notion that an improving economy would worsen Mitt Romney’s chances in this race? It’s a question for the Hardball Strategists, Todd Harris and Steve McMahon! read more

Let Me Start...

12/01/11 09:28AM

Mitt vs. Newt: Our favorite story this morning comes from Politico. Romney advisors say they're no more scared of Newt Gingrich than any other of the Republican candidates, but they're not acting like it. The Romney camp is stepping up its attacks against Gingrich, knowing Newt has the heft to pose a threat to the former Massachusetts governor. That's why we're seeing Mitt attack Newt as a Washington insider and a flip-flopper. Pot, meet kettle. read more

Matthews on the life of JFK

11/30/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this.I'm in Boston a tonight I have the honor to address the John F. Kennedy Library about the life of the 35th president.It's a story of courage in the South Pacific, of a young man who came home with the goal of preventing another World War, one he knew would be far more horrible. read more

Obama heads to Pennsylvania

Obama heads to Pennsylvania

11/30/11 07:00PM

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., and former Gov. Ed Rendell, D-Pa., talk about President Barack Obama’s visit to Scranton to make his case for an extension of the payroll tax cut and to court blue collar voters. watch

Could Gingrich take Cain’s supporters?

Could Gingrich take Cain’s supporters?

11/30/11 07:00PM

Sideshow: With Herman Cain’s campaign “reassessing” his prospects in the 2012 race, which of the other candidates will his supporters turn to? Watch as The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart talks about the irony of the situation. watch

Coming up on Hardball... Citizen Cain!

11/30/11 05:34PM

Citizen Cain! Cain spoke out today about the allegations against him and the future of his campaign. We’ve got all the latest news with the Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson and Politico’s Jonathan Martin. Next up—In case you didn’t know Newt was a one percenter, he made it perfectly clear in a speech last night. You won’t believe what he said. And we’ll talk about his face-off with Mitt Romney. msnbc’s David Corn and syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker are here to discuss. Plus—The President in Pennsylvania. Sen. Robert Casey (D-PA) and Fmr. Gov. read more

Matthews: Gingrich will 'say what works to hurt Obama'

11/29/11 08:00PM

There is nothing I can say about the state of this country's political health other than the fact that Barney Frank is leaving and Newt Gingrich is thriving. Barney has brains, wit, conscience and a pretty good sense of proportion. He can argue his case but still see the other guy's, especially if it's a good one.  Gingrich was made by Bill Clinton to enter Air Force One from the rear.Barney calls Newt "the thinnest-skinned character assassin" he ever met.  It's a serious charge and hits home to those of us who remember how Newt came to power in the House. read more