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Sanders: Clinton’s positions aren’t...

Sanders: Clinton’s positions aren’t progressive

02/04/16 03:50PM

There is a large debate in the Democratic party over what it means to be a Democrat and a progressive. The New York Times’ Nick Confessore, The Atlantic’s Molly Ball, and The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein join MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to give a preview of the debate on MSNBC Thursday night. watch

Des Moines Register calls for audit of...

Des Moines Register calls for audit of Iowa caucus

02/04/16 03:23PM

As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are preparing to go head-to-head in Thursday night’s MSNBC debate, the Des Moines Register is calling for an audit of the very close results in the Iowa caucus. National Press Secretary for the Sander’s campaign, Symone Sanders, explains why there are questions around this issue. watch

What does the word ‘progressive’ mean?

What does the word ‘progressive’ actually mean?

02/04/16 03:05PM

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and the publisher for the New Hampshire Union Leader, Joe McQuaid, debate over the definitions behind the different labels being thrown around between the Democratic presidential candidates such as progressive, liberal, socialist. McQuaid also shares his predictions for the New Hampshire primary. watch

Democrats plan to slug it out in NH

Democrats plan to slug it out in NH

02/03/16 07:19PM

Bernie Sanders has opened up a big lead in the New Hampshire polls, up 29 points in the latest poll. It leaves Hillary Clinton looking for a repeat of her husband's "comeback kid" magic from 24 years ago. NBC News’ Kasie Hunt, Kristen Welker and Chuck Todd discuss. watch

Cruz hits Trump for losing Iowa

Cruz hits Trump for losing Iowa

02/03/16 07:00PM

The candidates are flooding the zone in New Hampshire in preparation for next week’s primaries. Donald Trump is at war with Ted Cruz while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck-and-neck in the Granite State. NBC News has team coverage from the ground in New Hampshire. watch

Democrats take fight to the Granite State

Democrats take fight to the Granite State

02/02/16 07:51PM

With a slim apparent win in Iowa now behind her, Hillary Clinton heads to New Hampshire where she hopes to sway voters in the Granite State. Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, the Wall Street Journal’s Carol Lee and USA Today’s Paul Singer make up the Hardball Roundtable. watch

The Democrats' photo-finish in Iowa

The Democrats' photo-finish in Iowa

02/02/16 07:42PM

From Sioux City to Des Moines it was a wild ride in Iowa as the battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton came down to a photo finish. MSNBC Correspondent Jacob Soboroff navigated the action in Iowa City at the University of Iowa Field House. watch

Trump takes fight for nomination to NH

Trump takes fight for nomination to NH

02/02/16 07:26PM

Iowa winner Ted Cruz should get strength heading into New Hampshire and Marco Rubio may be the establishment's only hope in this race…but he's got a phalanx of establishment republicans to face in New Hampshire. NBC News’ Katy Tur reports from Milford, New Hampshire. watch


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