Win an autographed copy of Chris Matthews’ new book ‘Tip and The Gipper’


Chris Matthews’ new book Tip and The Gipper comes out on Oct. 1!

The book chronicles a key time in history when two political opponents served together for the benefit of the country.

The Hardball host was an eyewitness to this story as a top aide to Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, who waged a principled war of political ideals with President Reagan from 1980 to 1986.

Together, the two men forged compromises that shaped America’s future and became one of history’s most celebrated political pairings—the epitome of how ideological opposites can get things done.

Publisher Simon & Schuster is holding a sweepstakes starting Sept. 28 to Oct. 5 in which you can win an autographed copy of the book. Click here to sign up.

Learn more about the book and see tour dates here.