U.S. first lady Michelle Obama dances with pre-kindergarten students while she visits the Savoy School in D.C., May 24, 2013.
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Will Ferrell, FLOTUS team up to celebrate Let’s Move! initiative

The first lady is showing that healthy eating really is child’s play in a new online video, and she’s calling in one funny superstar to help prove her point.

Michelle Obama has teamed up with comedian Will Ferrell to promote the fourth anniversary of her Let’s Move! initiative. The program promotes exercise and healthy eating among America’s youth. In the new video, Obama and Ferrell conduct a focus group of young children to get their opinions about healthy eating.

“If I eat a great diet six days a week, but Sunday I eat nothing but candy, is that okay?” Ferrell asks the children, to which he receives a loud chorus of “No!”

“OK, so I’m going to stop doing that,” Ferrell replies.

Obama also appeared on the debut episode of The Tonight Show earlier this month to point out the lighter side of Let’s Move! with Ferrell, who performed a sketch in drag with Jimmy Fallon. But make no mistake–the first lady still takes this program very seriously.

“Back when we first launched Let’s Move!, this whole healthy eating thing was still kind of a novelty,” the first lady said Tuesday. “Today, folks are really starting to think about what they eat and how active they are, so they’re scrutinizing labels, they’re asking questions, they’re changing what they feed their families.”

The program now has an initiative to eliminate advertisements for unhealthy food and beverages in schools as well as an extension of the school breakfast program to reach more students.

Michelle Obama

Will Ferrell, FLOTUS team up to celebrate Let's Move! initiative