Obama supporters cheer during the final day of the Democratic National Convention on September 6, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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Why women lean Democratic


Here’s a thought about women and politics.

A long time ago I tried writing about why women tend to vote Democratic. I think it has to do with the traditional division of concerns in the American family.

Ask a husband and father to tell you what shots the children have had, what innoculations they’ve gotten from the family doctor or at school for the usual diseases. Look at the guy’s face as you begin to notice that he thinks it’s a question he hasn’t got the slightest idea how to answer.

Now ask about the classmates and teachers of the kids, which of them are good for your boy or girl to be hanging with, which teachers are having a solid impact, which are question marks? See how the guy does with these questions.

Then ask the husband what he’s covered for in his health insurance - or, better yet, how his parents are doing on their health plans, how they’re being able to cope with the usual late-in-life health challenges.  

Look, the fact - you can call it a sorry fact - is that mothers are especially responsible for knowing the answers to questions like this - and, very often, maybe “too” often - men get off the hook.

Why do women tend to vote Democrat - more than men - because when it comes to issues like health care and education and social security and medicare - and health care - this is the party that pays the closest attention to those issues.  

Yes, Republicans are good on gun rights - if you would call that something good - and they certainly are more hawkish on matters of war and peace - and they’re known to be tough on law and order.  

But the issues I mentioned are where the Democratic brand shines - and that, as much as reproductive issues themselves - explains the gender gap.

  Don’t you think? 

Why women lean Democratic