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Why the GOP attempt to kill Obamacare could backfire


Let me finish tonight with this.

Earlier tonight we discussed the real possibility that President Barack Obama benefits from that elusive gift called “luck.”

When I see what the right-wing faction in the House of Representatives and its corporal’s guard in the Senate is up to, I think there’s a case to be made for just that.

Think about it.  Five years into the Obama administration, the Democrats are up to their usual antsiness: disillusioned about dreams unattended to, goals unmet and a general uneasiness that comes from holding office.

Suddenly, there appears on the horizon the one force that could unite them, send them to the ramparts, excite them about the very challenges that lie ahead.

By threatening Democrats with a default on the federal debt - a threat that would become real if they don’t kill the Affordable Care Act - the zealots on the right have found the one sure way to unite, mobilize and excite the Democrats as they were in 2008.  It could send them into action with the same urgency they displayed in putting Obama in the White House.

This is the bizarre reality that lies behind the events coming in October.  It could well be the party of Lincoln that comes to liberate Obama from his current trap.

By pushing to kill the Affordable Care Act, they are trying to kill the Obama presidency.  And that attempt could cost them their one chance to change history.