Where are the good GOP candidates?


Let me finish tonight with this strange plague besetting the Republicans. There was supposed to be a big debate at the Reagan Library this spring. There won’t be. No candidates.

Now that’s a strange thing to say, but not as strange as the people showing up as would-be candidates. 

Trump is out there making charges, personal charges, of the worst kind about the president. The fact that there’s no evidence behind him - that they involve his parents, his grandparents, hospitals, state administrators, newspapers, childhood friends, such as the current governor - tell you just how bad this situation has gotten.

I wonder when - if - it’s going to get any better. Maybe God’s on the side of President Obama. How else do you explain the sorry state of those responsible for coming up with an opposition?

Congressman David Dreier, a thoughtful guy, just told Politico that he doesn’t see anyone out there now. How could that be, you have to ask. Our NBC poll has got the President at 50 percent job approval. That leaves 50 percent sitting out there for someone to grab.  Why aren’t they grabbing?

There are a number of people I can imagine sitting in the Oval Office come January 20, 2013.  I’m basically thinking about those who serve now as governors in the country.  They’ve shown their ability running a government, meeting a budget, showing a seriousness toward public matters. I even give Rick Santorum credit for being a serious person.  He believes what he believes and has been willing to take heat, even defeat, for it.

I don’t think you can find this kind of ability or seriousness in some of the others.  They throw up whatever will get them a run in the news cycle - the nastier the better about the President. In fact, that’s all they do. Newt, Trump, Bachman, that’s all they do: talk trash. 

There’s talk of a “draft,” where the people in the party go out and demand that someone run - whether they want to or not.

It’s an old idea - hasn’t been done since 1952 - when Henry Cabot Lodge went out and got General Eisenhower to allow his name in a primary - or later that year when the Democrats at their Chicago convention succeeded with a “draft” of Illinois  governor Adlai Stevenson.

That’s six decades ago.  It’s seems like a long way to go back and find a way to pick a good candidate.  That’s until you take a good look at the Bar Scene from Star Wars that’s shown up so far.  

Where are the good GOP candidates?