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What’s really behind Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama?


As we reported earlier today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for re-election.

But what’s behind the Republican-turned-independent’s endorsement?

NBC News’ chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd suggested to Hardball’s Chris Matthews it was a sign Obama was winning and that Bloomberg simply “wants to be with winners.”

“He’s always looking out for Mayor Bloomberg, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Politicians always look out for their own best interest first. That’s the nature of being an ambitious pol, but would he have done this if he though Obama was going to lose?” said Todd.

New York Magazine’s John Heilemann said Bloomberg has long been trying to position himself as a “centrist arbiter,” and that he does, in fact, care a lot about climate change and “other issues, where he is basically a social liberal on questions like abortion and gay marriage”—much like Obama.

Todd said it would have been a bigger deal if Bloomberg had not endorsed either candidate. It would have been the mayor’s “way of giving the nod to Romney…ditto with Colin Powell,” who also endorsed Obama.

What's really behind Bloomberg's endorsement of Obama?