We, the ‘nobodies’


Let me end up tonight on this thing about the “nobodies” having re-elected President Obama.

I’m talking about the way the other side looks at it. The people who wonder at the emergence of the “underclass”—people being “pulled out of their apartments” to vote last month.

You know, I can remember as a kid reading in the newspaper—the old Philadelphia Bulletin, it may have been—that the people who voted for John F. Kennedy were the same collection of “nobodies”…the less well-off, the people without a lot of sway in business, in power generally.

No, they just happen to be the people who have a “right to vote” and used it.

This is not the least disturbing to the people used to calling the shots. It’s been downright stunning, and just as stunning today four weeks later because they weren’t ready for it—for the simply reason they were “used” to it.

Well, it happened, and, let’s assume, not for the last time.

So when they get down this month to actually reaching a deal on taxes and spending, on the upper-income people and those who vitally depend on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, they should consider who won and who needs to be considered here.

Why? Because the “nobodies,” as the big shots like to call them, also have a stake in how this deal is cut.

We, the 'nobodies'