WATCH: Lighter moments from Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state


Over the course of her stint as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has played a crucial role in several high-stakes international events. Many credit Clinton with the role the United States played in the capture of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and the secretary also became known for her dedication to women’s rights across the globe.

Clinton has become the most traveled Secretary of State, visiting 112 countries and clocking over 2,000 hours of travel time.

In addition, Secretary Clinton made history for being the first in her position to visit Myanmar since 1955. While there, Clinton met and worked with opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung Sang Syu Kyi. Clinton said it “was like seeing a friend you hadn’t seen for a very long time, even though it was our first meeting.”

Despite the pressure of her prominent position, Clinton has also shown a glimpse of her sense of humor and fun. She embraced the nightlife at a café in Colombia, and danced with locals in Malawi, Kenya, and South Africa.

Will this be the end of the beloved “Texts from Hillary,” tumblr account or will speculation about 2016 cause a resurgence? Clinton let it be known that she was amused by the meme and even met one of the bloggers behind the franchise.

Then there was the photo-bomb situation in Hawaii. Clinton was posing with Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Donald Tsang. Take a look at the Hardball Sideshow for Clinton’s reaction when an unexpected individual catches both leaders, and all the photographers, by surprise.

What was the highlight of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State? Let us know what you think!


WATCH: Lighter moments from Hillary's tenure as secretary of state