Hardball with Chris Matthews, 9/19/13, 7:49 PM ET

Guns should not be part of Starbucks says CEO

Starbucks’ policy customers bringing guns to the store has been to follow local gun laws allowing “open carry,” which exists in some form in 45 states. But...

Watch: Hold the firearms, says Starbucks’ CEO

By msnbc staff

Forty-five states have “open carry” laws, and Starbucks has a history of welcoming patrons who were packing. Now company CEO Howard Schultz is “respectfully asking” customers not to bring guns into the coffee shops, but stopping short of banning firearms.

“We’re not pro- or anti-gun,” he told Chris Matthews. But customers who are looking for “respite and community” have said they’re “jarred” by the sight of firearms.

“Guns should not be part of the Starbucks coffee retail store experience,” Schultz said.


Watch: Hold the firearms, says Starbucks' CEO