A vote for Romney is a confusing one


Let me finish tonight with this.

“Multiple Choice” Mitt. That’s what they called him up in Massachusetts and I don’t see any sign that he’s changed.

Talk about pot luck. Send Romney to the White House and you have to ask yourself what exactly—or even generally—are you sending?

Well, to begin with, someone who signed the “Grover Norquist” pledge not to raise taxes. That’ll protect the well-off, certainly, from losing the unfair advantage they got from Dubya.

Someone who’s gotten well into bed with the neo-cons. That’ll pretty much guarantee a hawkish foreign policy the next four years. It’ll mean more war on all fronts, more brinkmanship, more foreign policy pushiness and with it more chances for trouble, real trouble, and certainly more enemies.

Someone who has forged ties with the religious right. We heard from Congressman Paul Ryan pretty much what that means. It means taking any chance that comes along to fill the Supreme Court with judges who will dump Roe v. Wade.

It will mean the end of the healthcare for sure and all the good that came with it.

Or it’ll mean whatever combination of this that Mitt decides on after the election. It’ll certainly mean a lot of what he’s promised, including his commitment to being “severely conservative.”

If that’s not enough to scare you…you must not be part of the 47%!


A vote for Romney is a confusing one