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Plurality of Americans back nuclear deal with Iran


The far right may be up in arms over America’s recent nuclear deal with Iran, but the plurality of Americans approve of the historic agreement.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 44% of Americans back the interim deal between Iran and six world powers, while 22% oppose it. 

Iran agreed over the weekend to halt progress on key parts of its nuclear program in return for modest relief from some economic sanctions.  The deal will last six months while a permanent agreement is hammered out.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is fighting against some lawmakers who want to increase sanctions on Iran, arguing it could threaten the ongoing negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The poll showed that even if the Iran deal falls through, 49% want the U.S. to tighten sanctions and 31% believe further diplomatic tactics should be used. Only 20% back U.S. military force against Iran.

The survey’s results are a silver lining for President Obama, whose approval ratings have taken a hit due following the rocky rollout of Obamacare.

Conservative media critics continue to skewer the deal, even going as far as to compare it to British appeasement of Nazi aggression before World War II.

Fox News contributor and former UN Ambassador called the deal “abject surrender by the United States.” Breitbart’s Ben Shaprio said the deal was “worse than Munich.” And RedState’s Erick Erickson pointed to the agreement to take a shot at Obamacare, tweeting : “Congratulation[s] to Iran on its successful acquisition of the bomb. Brought to u by Mr. ‘if you like ur plan, u can keep ur plan.”