Trouble on the GOP home front noticeable for Romney


This attack on Mitt Romney from behind is the most exciting thing to happen in this election. 

Imagine if a couple of Democrats started attacking President Obama as a “anti-colonial Kenyan from the Mau-Mau era.”  That was something Newt leveled at him a while back.  Imagine if it were a high-level Democrat throwing that stuff at him?

What if a couple of Democrats started blasting Barack Obama of being some “socialist from Europe” trying to bring this country down with the welfare system they have over there?  

Imagine if it were a Democrat or a couple of them going after their own man for being a disciple of Saul Alinsky - portraying him and his disciple both as enemies of capitalism, rooters for the great radical overthrow?

You wonder why the protectors of Mitt Romney are out there raising bloody murder over what Newt and Rick Perry are saying?  This is why!

They’re feeling just as scared as a Democrat would feel if one in their own midst were throwing out these attacks at Obama.  Nothing spooks the herd like when one of its own starts goring the others, starts raging in the night, starts making noise that the way things are being done is not the right way at all.  

You’re talking stampede when that starts happening.

So here we are at the start of this big fight between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A couple of big-time Republican candidates are saying that the lead steer is loco.  That what he’s done with his life - making money - is really not about creating jobs - but precisely what his investors went there to do: make money.  Not by killing jobs - not necessarily - but if killing jobs made them money?  Oh, that’s the name of the game - “this is the business we have chosen” to use a handy Godfather phrase.

So here we go loop-de-doop, a Presidential campaign where suddenly we see trouble on the homefront: a couple of bulls are raging at the frontrunner. 

Can’t get better than this.  But, maybe, just maybe, it will. Hang onto your hat.  If you’re a Republican, hang on - period.  

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Trouble on the GOP home front noticeable for Romney