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The best thing Hillary Clinton will have going for her

Let me finish with this.  The best thing Hillary Clinton will have going for her next year is common sense. She was smart to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq, smart to cut her losses by saying she’d been wrong, pure and simple, in voting to authorize it.

Why? Simple.

Did you ever see a really lousy movie and then hear that they were making a sequel? Would anyone in their right mind pay money to see the sequel if they’d been sucked into seeing the first movie and found it both stupid and dreadful?

Nobody is going to by the neo-cons and their pals when they try taking us down another rabbit hole. They suckered a lot of Democrats and practically all the Republicans in 2002 and 2003. Since then, the polls and the smart columnists have been saying people got the message: don’t trust this crowd. They’ve got their own ideological purpose and it’s not in the best, common-sense interest of the United States. We created the mess in Iraq; we’re not going in there again.

So let the Bill Kristols and the John Boltens and the Lindsey Grahams blow their bugles and beat their drums. The American people having been burnt once are not about to go touching that same stove again.

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The best thing Hillary Clinton will have going for her