Hardball with Chris Matthews, 4/11/13, 5:59 PM ET

Matthews: Obama stands at a crossroads, and the stakes are high

Chris Matthews shares his thoughts on the progress President Obama needs to make in order to follow up his first-term successes.

Stakes, hopes high for Obama’s second term


Let me finish tonight with this.

President Barack Obama stands at a crossroads. He’s done some historic things: getting elected, for one. Then health care, something his predecessors talked about for a hundred years. He presided over a ground shift on marriage equality, ending “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He’s ended a war in Iraq, and is on the verge of ending one in Afghanistan.

Now if he can get a stronger background check for gun buyers, if he can win a grand bargain by getting Republicans to raise revenues, if he can get through an enforceable immigration law, then he really is in contention to be that truly transformative president he talked about back when he was running for the office.

We’ll soon know how all this adds up. The stakes are high; so are the hopes.

Stakes, hopes high for Obama's second term