SOTU: ‘Red Carpet’ Coverage… Sort Of


By Andrew Noyes, National Journal’s Beltway Blogroll

Maybe I’m still reeling from the Golden Globes, but I would be remiss if I didn’t engage in some “red carpet” musings as lawmakers and dignitaries file into the chamber. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with a carefully coiffed hairdo, was decked out in a muted grayish pantsuit and seemed ready to turn on the charm.

Vice President Dick Cheney looked dapper in his navy blue suit with white shirt and purplish patterned tie. His wife donned a classic but boxy off-white number. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama, a presidential hopeful in 2008, flashed a bright smile and gave hearty handshakes as he arrived.

Laura Bush showed up wearing a classy magenta suit with gold buttons and her husband, the star of the show, entered wearing a navy blue suit, white shirt and light blue tie—a classic look for the commander in chief.

The nine Supreme Court justices filed in wearing slimming black robes. Now that’s predictable.

SOTU: 'Red Carpet' Coverage... Sort Of