Sarah Hall Ingram, director of the IRS Affordable Care Act Office, is seen as she testifies before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in Washington DC, on October 9, 2013.

Sorry, GOP: IRS official has not been ‘consorting with the devil’


Republicans may think Obamacare is akin to hell. But that doesn’t mean the Internal Revenue Service is consorting with the devil.

Sarah Hall Ingram, an IRS official in charge of implementing parts of Obamacare, insisted during an unusual line of questioning that she hasn’t been dealing with the devil.

Ingram made the remarks during testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday. Democratic Congressman Gerald Connolly of Virginia was trying to deride GOP attempts to paint her as evil.

The Q&A went like this:

Connolly:Have you ever read “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller?

Ingram:  I’ve not read it, I’ve seen it performed.

Connolly : And you know what it’s about

 Ingram:  Yes sir.

Connolly:  What is it about?

 Ingram:  Well I’m from New England so I’m familiar with the original story. It’s about the Salem witch trial.

Connolly:   You’re under oath.  Have you been consorting with the devil?

Ingram:   Not to my knowledge sir.

Connolly:  Are reports that you can fly accurate?

 Ingram:  Uh greatly exaggerated sir

Connolly:  Have you been involved, in any way, in trying to pervert our youth? In Salem or anywhere else?

Ingram:  I certainly hope not sir.

Connolly:  You’re sure?

 Ingram:  Yes sir.

Ingram has been criticized by GOPers because she was once in charge of the IRS division that selectively scrutinized conservative groups. The IRS has said the former commissioner of tax exempt and government agencies was not in charge of the group’s day-to-day operations after Dec. 2010. The White House has also defended Ingram.

Sorry, GOP: IRS official has not been ‘consorting with the devil’