Sideshow: Giggles the Pig calls it quits

The Flint mayoral race has one less candidate. According to her owner and campaign manager, Giggles the Pig is calling off her write-in campaign effort.

The campaign originated when Michael Ewing realized that a mistake by the county clerk would result in mayoral candidates’ names being left off the ballots, which would limit the transparency of an election that already had two pronounced candidates with significant criminal histories. One of those men, Wantwaz Davis, served 19 years in prison for a second-degree murder charge in 1991.

Recognizing the opportunity for a write-in candidate, Ewing turned to his pet pig, creating a campaign that included t-shirts, social media platforms, and national exposure.

Please share. I need to get the word out about my campaign for Mayor of the City of Flint–our home.

Posted by Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor on Monday, May 4, 2015

Unfortunately for Giggles, a law was passed in the eleventh hour that allowed the names of candidates to be placed on the ballot, effectively ending her write-in campaign.

According to Ewing, his main goal of bringing attention to the election has succeeded. As for who Giggles will be voting for in the election, Ewing says, “she’s not voting for anyone because she’s a pig—and that’s really the only good excuse for not voting in an election that is this important.”

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Sideshow: Giggles the Pig calls it quits