Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., speaks during a forum, Jan. 27, 2014, in Atlanta, Ga.
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Senate hopeful promotes frugal lifestyle


The political ads this year just keep getting more and more (and more) interesting. Republican Congressman Jack Kingston in Georgia, who is running for Senate, released a video this week with an interesting selling point: he’s a penny pincher.

“Our dad is Jack Kingston,” one of Kingston’s daughter says at the start of the ad. “He really is cheap–and it’s not just the car he drives.”

The 30-second ad includes his sons joking about how they grew up thinking “hand-me-down” was the “name of a department store.” But the point of the ad? 

“It’s all about personal responsibility and respecting the value of the dollar,” one of Kingston’s sons says. 

Another daughter adds, “He’ll be the same way in the Senate.”

Kingston made headlines last December when he suggested underprivileged kids need to sweep floors for school lunches. 

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Senate hopeful promotes 'cheap' lifestyle

Sideshow: Senate hopeful Rep. Jack Kingston has a new campaign ad that promotes his frugal lifestyle.


Senate hopeful promotes frugal lifestyle