SEE IT: Weiner calls opponent ‘grandpa’…at an AARP event


Anthony Weiner may be turning off some female voters following new sexting revelations. And now, it looks like he may be alienating the all-important elderly vote too.

The Democratic mayoral candidate and former congressman got in a verbal altercation with one of his Republican opponents at an event sponsored by the AARP on Tuesday night, ending with Weiner calling the 69-year-old “grandpa.”

The brouhaha was videotaped by NY1 and began when candidate George McDonald approached Weiner and said “Don’t put your hands on me ever again.” Weiner responded, “Really? What’s going to happen if I do? You’re a tough guy now?”

The Republican then said “I am. I can defend myself,” which was followed by Weiner telling McDonald to get his anger issues “under control.”

That’s when McDonald insisted he didn’t have any anger issues and Weiner chided, “But you do, grandpa.”

McDonald later told reporters that the confrontation began when Weiner touched him on the chest.

Beth Finkel, state director of AARP in New York told in a statement that Weiner’s remarks were “unfortunate.” She added it comes “at a time when, according to a new AARP survey, nearly one quarter of New York’s 50+ voters say they or a family member have experienced unwelcome comments about their age and nearly half are concerned about age discrimination. A person’s age should not be a factor in politics, or anything else.”

Weiner, who is already under fire for sending lewd text messages to women even after he resigned from Congress, has not responded to the latest incident.

McDonald has been pointing out Weiner’s sexting scandal on the campaign trail. Last week, McDonald called Weiner a “self pleasuring freak.” According to NBC News, at the AARP forum on Tuesday, to boos—and some applause—McDonald called Weiner a “narcissist,” at one point saying “I’d contrast my values with Anthony Weiner’s any day of the week! Seven days a week.”

Polls show both Weiner and McDonald lagging far behind in their respective primaries.

SEE IT: Weiner calls opponent ‘grandpa’…at an AARP event