SEE IT: Alan Simpson, 81, kicks it ‘Gangnam Style’


Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson has contributed more to deficit reduction negotiations than being one-half of the Simpson-Bowles plan. Simpson has joined forces with the “Can Kicks Back” campaign. The group hopes to mobilize young Americans to pressure Congress to reach a deal on long-term deficit reduction.

In a must-see new video for the organization, Simpson urges the millennial generation to use social media to recruit their friends and get involved in “Can Kicks Back.” If you never thought the worlds of Alan Simpson and the internet sensation “Gangnam Style” would intersect, think again.

Also, from Simpson-Bowles to Panetta-Burns?

A recent survey from Public Policy Polling asked people to weigh in on a variety of issues from plans to reduce the deficit to whether they want their own states to secede from the Union. One-quarter of the Republicans polled said they wanted their own state to secede.

But pollsters got the last laugh. Ever heard of the deficit reduction plan proposed by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and former Montana Senator Conrad Burns? Probably not, since it doesn’t exist! All the same, PPP asked people to weigh in on the Panetta-Burns plan, and 25% of the respondents offered up an opinion.

Take a look at the video above for the full results on how many people think Panetta-Burns is the way to go! Spoiler alert: more people were against Panetta-Burns than the Simpson Bowles.

SEE IT: Alan Simpson, 81, kicks it 'Gangnam Style'