Republican Scott Brown talks to the media after announcing his bid for the United States Senate primary election in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, April 10, 2014.
Dominick Reuter/Reuters

Scott Brown tweets portray an “active” Senate candidate


U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown is certainly flexing his muscle when it comes to outdoor activities these days.

The New Hampshire senate seat-hopeful frequently tweets about going to the gym and engaging in many types of physical activity.  On any given day, Brown’s photos show him making great use of the mountains, lakes, and beaches of N.H. 

 In his move from Massachusetts politics to the Granite State, Brown faces incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) in the race for the Senate.  A recent WMUR/UNH poll shows Shaheen’s lead in the race tightening to just two points.  Could Brown’s tweeted appreciation for the natural beauty of the state of N.H. be helping him gain popularity?

It looks like Brown will continue to his run, hike, bike and race his way to November 4.

Scott Brown

Scott Brown tweets portray an "active" Senate candidate