On Romney’s definition of ‘redistribution’…


Let me finish tonight with that word “redistribution.”  

You know, the word Mitt Romney has grabbed onto and is chewing like his dog Seamus with a new bone. Bad word, he says. Bad, bad, bad. 

So when we get a Social Security cheque, that’s—oh my God—redistribution. Somebody’s payroll tax money is going to someone like them who worked all their life to earn it. Terrible.

When a teacher gets paid, or a V.A. doctor or a private in the Army—oh my God, more redistribution! Terrible.

Or the student who manages to get into college who might not get there otherwise because of a Pell Grant. How about that police officer working the night watch in a tough neighborhood? When he gets paid, that’s—there it goes again—”redistribution.”  

Or when some poor kid gets to enlist in Head Start or when…

Give me a break.  

The only “redistribution” Romney likes is when he takes over a company, dumps workers, widens the profit margin, flips it, and walks off with the proceeds. Now that’s a redistribution he can get excited about.

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On Romney's definition of 'redistribution'...