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Cuccinelli steps away from Virginia Lt. Governor candidate

Can Republicans find a way to victory in moderate Virginia? Their new candidate for Lieutenant Governor has said Planned Parenthood has been more lethal to...

Right wing is weighing down GOP in Virginia


Let me finish tonight with this.

The single concern I have about the right-wing weighing down the Republican party - as it’s doing in Virginia - is that is makes it too easy for the Democrats.

They don’t have to try all that hard to win the center and thereby hold majority support in the country.

Otherwise, I take a live-by-the-sword, die by the sword attitude.

If candidates are ready to go running off the fringe to win primaries, they “should” have to carry that baggage on their backs in November.

If Cuccinelli is willing to run so far rightward in Virginia to win the party base out there; if the party is nutty enough to run that character they’ve put up as lieutenant governor, let it reap the whirlwind.

Most people will vote for the Democratic ticket in Virginia simply to avoid voting in the fringe.

And so be it.

Right wing is weighing down GOP in Virginia