‘President of the World’: Why Clinton is unmatched


Let me finish tonight with this big documentary coming Monday night. Normally on Hardball we look at the passing news and try and make a judgment. We get people on to talk about what just happened that day and get to what the fight’s all about. Often as not, you can figure out where I’m coming from. Sometimes I’m trying to get more information like you are before bottom-lining the issue.

On Monday night we’ll move beyond the daily or weekly or even current news to what I’m convinced is a really big *news* story that just about everyone seems to have missed. I’m talking about a “phenomenon,” some really big story that’s been allowed to pass.

Bill Clinton has been out of the presidency for over a decade, a longer stretch of time than he served as President. He’s become during this time something bigger than we’ve ever seen in human history - a world leader who is bigger than the leaders of the countries in this world. Just watch what happens when he makes an arrival!

The reasons he’s become this global figure - this “President of the World” - are interesting to compute: we had a good economy when he was president - that’s a good memory - we didn’t have the wars back in the ’90s that we had under George W. Bush. That’s one reason he’s a popular president. The people of the world are not going to forget the dishonestly-sold war in Iraq very soon. Then, there’s what he’s been doing with this time.  The Clinton Global Initiative is a global, historic wonder. It is doing good work in the world on a big scale, improving lives, saving lives, building forces for good in the world.

This is the story I’ve gone out and gotten with the help of some first-rate producers. It’s a story of a former American president doing good in the world, making friends for us in the world.  And what a good, happy story it is.  So come with me on the ride, the ride I got to take with Bill Clinton where I got to see, right up front, as you will, a man we’ve never known before – the president of the world!

Editor’s note: “President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon” airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET. Click here for video from the president’s time in office, and watch a preview of the documentary below. 

'President of the World': Why Clinton is unmatched