President most written by The New York Times is… Surprise!

Quick! Name the president The New York Times mentioned more often in one year than any other. The Washington Post did the research and I’ll bet it’s not who you think. 

Believe it or not, it’s Jimmy Carter, who was mentioned in 9,720 articles back in 1980.  First runner-up, in second place, is our current Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, during his 2012 campaign.  In third place, Richard Nixon in 1973, as Watergate heated up.  Coming in fourth, John F. Kennedy in 1962, the second year of his presidency.  In fifth place, mentioned in 6,220 articles, was Gerald Ford in 1976. 

Surprising?  The Washington Post came up with the numbers using a new tool The New York Times developed to count how many times a term is mentioned in their publication.  The graph below shows the research mapped out by The Washington Post.  Unfortunately, it turns out Rutherford B. Hayes was the least mentioned in 1977.


President most written by The New York Times is... Surprise!