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Powell’s former chief of staff: I’m voting for Obama too


When it comes to presidential elections, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff is playing follow the leader.

Lawrence Wilkerson told msnbc’s Chris Matthews on Thursday evening that he too would be voting for President Obama on Election Day.

“I’m a Republican, just like Powell, and I was looking for a good, solid Republican candidate so I could vote for him. [But] I will not vote for Romney. I’m voting for Obama,” he said.

Powell told CBS News earlier in the day that he would again cast his ballot for Obama because he’s concerned Romney’s foreign policy is a “moving target.”

Wilkerson said he was primarily worried that Romney, if elected, would start a war with Iran.

“”Powell and I have seen these people before, the John Boltons…the Donald Rumsfelds and Dick Cheneys, and we’ve seen them with an inexperienced president,” he said. “And we’ve seen what they can do, lead the nation to war, a war that was unnecessary.”

Wilkerson added the neoconservatives advising Romney would lead him “down to war most likely with Iran.”

When asked by Matthews if the neoconservatives want war with Iran “no matter what,” Wilkerson said yes.

“There are gradations between the different neocons, but I think, ultimately, they want to paint the president, whoever he is, into a corner, to say all options are on the table, including the military option, and then milk out all the other options, no diplomacy, no solution, and then have to use the military,” Wilkerson declared.