Poll: 8 of 10 Americans disapprove of Congress (and we’d like to meet the other two)…

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The good news is that the approval rating for Congress is holding steady.

The bad news…that approval is only at 15%.

A new Gallup poll finds that fewer than one in seven Americans approve of the job Congress is doing.  Eight in ten Americans–or 81% of those surveyed–disapprove of the job Congress is doing. Last year Congress dropped to its all-time lowest approval of 10% in February and August. Their current 15% approval rating is the same as its average in 2012, which was Congress’ lowest yearly average since Gallup began polling back in 1974.

The numbers aren’t much higher when you look across party lines. Republicans in Congress have an approval of 12% while Democrats ticked up from 15% approval in January to 19%.

(Gallup surveyed 1,015 adults from February 7 - 10 with a margin of sampling error at +/-4 percentage points.)

Poll: 8 of 10 Americans disapprove of Congress (and we'd like to meet the other two)...