Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaks to the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Feb. 11, 2012.
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Palin on Christie: ‘You blow it if you ever try to hide anything’


Sarah Palin’s verdict is in, and she doesn’t think things are looking too positive for Gov. Chris Christie.

In an interview on Tuesday with Inside Edition, the former Alaskan governor said she wasn’t familiar with “all the information out there,” but her own experience as governor gave her extra insight. “It’s hard to be the CEO of an organization and not know what the closest people to you are up to,” Palin said. “I know when I was mayor and manager of this city and then governor of the state, certainly you know what your top aides are up to.”

Christie has repeatedly denied over the course of the investigation that he had knowledge of his aides’ actions, but recent reports have suggested Christie’s version of events are contradicting the details.

“I just want to make sure that every politician, everyone who’s elected is given that honor and that sacred honor of a vote, of people’s trust, that we don’t blow it,” Palin said. “You blow it if you ever try to hide anything. Whatever’s hidden, eventually light shines upon it. So I just hope that truth is being told right now.”

Chris Christie and Sarah Palin

Palin on Christie: 'You blow it if you ever try to hide anything'