U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on the economy at Costco Wholesale in Woodmore Towne Centre in Lanham, Maryland January 29, 2014.
Yuri Gripas/Reuters

‘Nobody is more…’


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Based on the rhetoric of President Obama’s speeches, it seems that nobody is more committed, concerned, frustrated, aware, mindful, outraged, madder, offended, or interested than our 44th president.

Those are just a few of the self-attributed emotions the Huffington Post noticed Obama’s used in a variety of speeches on political issues, including on the economic stimulus plan and the “human exploration of space.”

The “nobody is more” fever has spread to the addresses of other Washington pols as they utilize the phrase from the floor of the House and Senate to White House Briefing Room. It seems like everyone feels they are the only one that feels a certain way.


Barack Obama

'Nobody is more...'