Most searched questions during president’s speech on Google

The President’s speech on how to deal with ISIS militants raised more questions than it provided answers. And it might have scared some people about the threat at home… especially some in Texas.

The search engine Google was there to answer those questions, and here was their most searched questions between the hours of 9 pm/et and midnight on Wednesday in the United States:

  1. What is the difference between ISIS and ISIL?
  2. Is ISIS in America?
  3. Is ISIS in Texas?
  4. Is ISIS in El Paso?
  5. Is ISIS in Houston?
  6. Is ISIS in Mexico?
  7. Why does Obama call the Islamic State ISIL?
  8. What is the difference between ISIS and Al Qaeda?
  9. What is Obama’s approval rating?
  10. What is Obama’s education background?
  11. Will ISIS attack America?
  12. Who is the leader of ISIS?
  13. What does ISIS want?
  14. Is ISIS planning to attack America on 9/11?
  15. Are we going to war?