Matthews: ‘Voters know difference between success and sour grapes’


Let me finish tonight with this.

I understand why some of the President’s partisan critics are going after him over his successful mission against Bin Laden. People always attack their rivals for doing what they didn’t do themselves. 

The Republican Party championed the Civil War in this country and took credit for it for generations. The Grand Old Party and the Battle Hymn of the Republic went together like a horse and carriage. General Grant was elected President because he was the best general in that war, just as General Eisenhower was elected almost a century later for being the general who received the Nazi surrender.

Republicans do it. So why can’t a Democratic President do it?  

If George W. Bush had gotten Osama Bin Laden, this country would still be shooting confetti out of cannons. Don’t you think? 

So McCain and Gillespie and some other Republicans were out there this weekend trying to rain on the President’s parade. I understand why. I have no problem with them doing this duty to their party. 

But I wouldn’t bet on these gentlemen. History and the voters know the difference between success and sour grapes, true victory by the man in the arena and a Bronx cheer from the cheap seats. 

If it was that easy to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, everyone this side of Abbotobad knows that Dubya would have done it and danced himself silly in the end zone, and Dick Cheney would have done cartwheels.