Matthews: The GOP is in the ‘midst of a convulsion’


The Republican Party is in the midst of a convulsion.  Reasonable people are standing back and watching as the party is being taken away.

Blame the Tea Party. Blame the times. 

But the fact is, and we can see it happening, the political opposition to President Obama is being bamboozled into believing that its only future lies in bowing to the dictate of a selection process that is leading right now to the tender mercies of Donald Trump.

For this not to happen, Republicans of sound mind and personal dignity must refuse to participate in Trump’s big night, to refuse to let him become the Grand Ole Party’s Grand Vizier, to not be at his beck and call, to resist all the PR and New York hype and say you’re not going to let him play host, judge, moderator or whatever the word on this vital eve of the Republican caucus and primary season.

For Romney, especially, this presents a challenge and an opportunity.  If he shows up at Donald Trump’s beckoning, he might as well arrive wearing a hat with bells jingling from it.  He will become one of the clowns, in this case, self-professed.

This is Mitt’s “Sister Soulja” moment, a chance to place his feet squarely on the ground - somewhere miles from the Donald Trump tower of power.  It will be a chance for him to say, in the words of Martin Luther, “Here I stand.”

Should he choose otherwise, and bow to the winds blowing hard from Manhattan, we will know who’s running the party now seeking the White House.  We’ll know who’s boss because the boss is the one calling when you have to come.

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Matthews: The GOP is in the 'midst of a convulsion'