Matthews: Romney’s looking for ‘the upscale crowd to put him in office’


It was a great day in American politics.  In other words, one of those clear days when you can see forever, when the differences between the two parties stands right up there for all to see.

Did you see Donald Trump out there with his new prize candidate?  Did you see Mitt Romney standing up there like he’d just won the Miss World contest, the latest prize figure in the world of Donald Trump, a world of golden buildings and high-rise casinos where it’s hard to find the elevators, where all you can see are the endless rows of slots, black jack croupiers and roulette wheels?    

But we Americans just want to make it to the elevators, Donald. Why are you trying to hook us into the latest games where you know - that’s why you built this place! - all favor the house.

No, life isn’t a casino and most people can’t afford to do business with Trump.  Like those “very poor” that never come through the door - even though some people leave those casinos in that category!

Those “very poor” are not on Mitt Romney’s telescope.  He says he’s not even thinking about them.  They’ve got this “safety net,” he argues - and don’t need our attention.  They aren’t going to be part of the “we the people” under his presidency.  “We” - those people are going to be the folks a bit better off.

No, Mitt’s looking for the upscale crowd to put him into office, that hidden crowd way back behind the scenes who pay for all those millions of dollars of dirtball ads he used to stomp Newt in places like Des Moines and Daytona.

They’re the folks he’s going to pay attention to and their need to get a great tax deal, another better deal than the one that has gotten him paying below 15 percent in taxes on twenty-mill a year, that allows him to hide his money in the Caymans. 

They’re the folks he likes. President Obama?  Where was he on Mitt and Donald’s big day in Vegas?  He was down there having a prayer breakfast - talking about our duty to the poor, about the wonders of that good man Billy Graham.  Yes, that’s where the president of all the people was - where we want him to be.

Not in Vegas with Trump, not in the Caymans making his latest deposit, not hiding from the “very poor” out of sheer hope they won’t be counting on a president like him to be looking out for poor them. As I said, what a day in American politics.  When you can see all the way to Vegas - where Donald makes his money - and to those islands in the Caribbean where his new friend Mitt hides his money from Uncle Sam - and, of course, the American people he says he wants to lead. 

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Matthews: Romney's looking for 'the upscale crowd to put him in office'