Matthews: Republicans do it differently


Let me finish tonight with this: This test to see who goes up against President Obama is an interesting.  Leave it to the Republicans to do it differently than the Democrats.

Democrats pick the guy with the hot hand, the candidate who seems to have something special to say to the American people, the one who seems just right for the times. Republicans pick the candidate who’s turn it is, the guy who was rejected last time around or a couple of times before but who’s the right Republican candidate for the basic reason that his name has become familiar.  Republicans always prefer a shoe that’s been worn in to a new one just on the market.  They like their presidential candidate’s worn in, scuffed up a little from previous outings.  They don’t feel comfortable with someone with a new, unfamiliar, exotic name like - Dukakis or Barack Obama or Santorum. 

No, look at the names they like - Nixon, Bush, Dole.  Now those are names that feel worn in, scuffed a little.  Sure, the shine’s gone but look at how comfortable they feel.

Romney.  Knew his old man.  Scuffed him up a bit back in the old days, nice fellow, Reagan put him in his cabinet, something to do with housing and that terra incognito, “urban affairs.”  Republicans don’t “do” urban affairs.  But somebody had to do it.  The boy got scuffed up a bit, too, last time.  That was good for him, made him a regular guy. 

This time, Mitt Romney feels just right as a candidate.  No rough edges, just good ol’ Mitt Romney.

I have a feeling that Rick Santorum, or, Newt Gingrich will have a hard time breaking into line ahead of Mitt.  It’s hit turn and, let’s face it, everyone else in the party seems to know it, to get it. 

This time, Mitt’s “the one,” just like years ago Nixon was “the one.”

Is this Democracy?  Not if you mean some wide-open thing where anybody can get into the game, not like the Democrats where anybody can run and get to be president, nobodies like Jimmy Who? and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 

No, but if you’re daddy ran once like Bush or Romney or you take years of abuse like Nixon or Dole, then get in line, wait your turn and someday, some cold day in New Hampshire, it’s going to be your turn 


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Matthews: Republicans do it differently