Matthews: Republican attack ads against Obama are lies


Let me finish tonight with this.

Did you catch this Karl Rove TV ad he’s running for ten million bucks against President Obama? It’s a smart effort to grab single women. It’s smart, but not especially honest.   

Did you see what that ad said about government spending under Obama? That it’s rising year after year, relentlessly throwing away our dollars?

Well, the big lie in that is that government spending has been basically flat all through the four years, fiscal years ‘09 through 2013. Flat, flat, flat, flat.

And how about saying Obama raised taxes? That’s another thing you hear out there. How could we have fallen for that one? Obama’s lost every single fight he’s had with Congress trying to get rid of the Bush tax rates, lost every one and we know it. The tax rates we have today are the same as they were when Dubya left us. If they’re holding the economy back, blame him. The Republicans like Karl Rove can’t keep attacking Obama for trying to dump the Bush tax rates and then come back and blame him for having those same tax rates, can he?  

Yes, he can. That’s what he’s doing in this slick ad, whacking Obama for the tax rates his guy (remember that he was the “architect” of the Dubya era) left us with.