Matthews: ‘Politics don’t end when someone reaches the White House’


Let me finish tonight with this.  

I don’t know about this guy Romney. I’m not at all sure he likes this new business of his. He liked working at Bain. People say they liked him there. He was happy making big money, making it fast. He liked that.  

He doesn’t seem to like this new business, this “wanting to be president” business. He wants to be president, for sure, but it’s the getting there part he doesn’t like, and the politics that’s sure to come should he win.  

Because we know one thing, and we didn’t learn it recently: it’s that politics doesn’t end when someone reaches the White House. Barack Obama also could use more political ability than he’s shown dealing with the Congress, getting it to do what he wants. 

So what’s with Romney? The minute he got separated from Paul Ryan this week, he went dead again — deadly, dull. Is this really what he wants to be doing? 

Is he doing this for love? Is he a politician because he loves what he’s fighting for, what he believes this country needs? Is he really devoted to the solutions he’s offering? Is he? Or does he just want the title, just wants the position, the historic status? 

One thing we’ve learned: presidents who really like the job of getting to the White House tend to be the ones who enjoy being there, and those who enjoy the work of president tend to be the best at it.